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About The BSBA

"Many organizations donate to HBCUs -- Not enough contribute to the HBCU experience."

- Vincent Pierson, Founder, The BSBA

The Black Sport Business Academy was launched in 2020 with the goal of enhancing the connection between HBCUs and the sports & entertainment industry.

Our flagship program (The Academy) is a 14-week immersive learning experience open to HBCU students of all classifications and majors. Participants meet three times a week and the curriculum follows the three pillars of our engagement strategy; Liberated Development, Sports Industry Exposure, and Community Building.

After just three years, The Academy has more than 70 Members and alumni. We've connected our members to hundreds of Black and Brown professionals and allies from over 60 organizations in sports. Our database includes more than 200 students from nearly 40 HBCUs.

This is only the beginning...

Our Engagement Strategy


Liberated Development

We create space for our members to develop into the best version of themselves -- encouraging authenticity and imagination.

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Sports Industry Exposure

We introduce our members to a wide variety of career options in sports & entertainment -- this knowledge supports developing a career vision.

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Community Building

We cultivate community by connecting students from different HBCU campuses -- we embrace the concept of one HBCU family.

Member Testimonials

Our Founders

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Vincent S. Pierson


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Curtis L. Walker


BSBA Industry Partners

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